Graphic illustration of fish



Graphic illustration of fish
November 9, 2023

Our new seasonal menu is a huge hit with our kids!

We take the nourishment of children's bodies and minds equally seriously; it is a fun and messy business! We ensure our food is joyful and nutritious, explored and adored. Our delicious, healthy and balanced seasonal menu is designed to provide an essential nutritional platform from which your child can grow.

Our Food Coordinators prepare all meals fresh on-site and all dietary preferences and allergy requirements are respected and strictly adhered to.

Our menus are focused on seasonally available ingredients which means everything is locally sourced. Better for the environment and little bodies alike.

Atlantis Early Learning operate a Buy Local policy for sourcing ingredients for our menus. We believe this is the best way to support our local community and businesses, as well as ensuring the freshest, seasonal produce for our menus.

Whether it's a trip to the local Grocer or a delivery from a local business, our Atlantis children are educated about Food as part of their day and we work to introduce new foods and influence positive eating through social meal times and regular Food Education discussions.

Our little learners also cultivate and harvest their very own vegetable and herb gardens for group cooking experiences.

By building a foundation of nutrition and varied eating from a young age, along with Food Education programming, we are increasing the likelihood that sound nutrition choices will continue into the rest of their lives.

It all starts here.

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