Welcome to Atlantis at Alkimos Beach Primary School

Hello Families!

We offer on site Before School, After School and Vacation Care at Alkimos Beach Primary School!

The Atlantis Group specialises in providing the highest possible quality of Childcare, OSHC, Vacation Care and Children’s entertainment. Our business brings with it exceptional Early Childhood Education and Care Professionals, 22-years of experience in the Childcare and OSHC industry and an innate understanding of what children need in order to be able to grow and develop physically, emotionally and socially.

Our programs incorporate the children’s interests we include a range of activities:

  • Homework Club: to ensure Children complete their homework whilst with us, so you have more quality time to spend together when you get home
  • Professional Sports Coaching: through incursion programs that we bring in to work with children who are interested. We also have an Activity Coach at our service to incorporate a variety different sports and encourage and develop team work
  • Drama, Dance and Yoga: to encourage freedom of expression for any children who are interested
  • A variety of incursions: through professional providers to keep the children active, involved and entertained whilst still learning
  • Excursions: to places of interest and entertainment
  • Community participation and programs: such as visiting libraries, Aged Care facilities or National Parks
  • Nutritious food served at all times: as well as food education to encourage children to make healthy choices when outside of our care

We have always strived to provide the highest quality programs and experiences for the children in our care and we look forward to continuing this with the Alkimos Beach Primary School community.

To receive your enrolment pack, please complete this “Expression of Interest” form and email it to ab@atlantisonline.com.au or for more information on our service, please contact your Coordinator Rachel on 0478 568 287. We look forward to meeting your family soon.

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