Graphic illustration of fish



Graphic illustration of fish
July 13, 2023


At Yanchep Preschool we learnt about the symbolism of the colours of the Aboriginal flag through threading and cooking experiences. We also reflected on the Acknowledgement of Country song and with the children learned about why they sing it.

At Yanchep Vertex we made bush bread and have a fire experience planned for Tuesday next week to extend on this experience.  In the outdoor environment we planted more native trees- the children especially enjoyed smelling the Banksia flowers.  The children explored lots of art experiences using natural paints and learning about how Aboriginal people made their own paints.

At Yanchep Childcare we learnt about rain sticks and made rain shakers from natural and recycled resources. We Painted with natural materials as paintbrushes- such as gumnuts and eucalyptus leaves. We listened to music by Aboriginal musicians and the didgeridoo and we incorporated yarning circles into the daily routine.

At Ocean Keys we explored the Dreaming story how the birds got their feathers. We learnt about and recreated the Aboriginal flag whilst our Makuru Collage investigation continued to be a focus.

The importance of our Indigenous people and their culture cannot be understated and forms a large part of Atlantis Group Community. Indigenous culture is incredibly important and enriching for young children. It is something that is not always introduced in formal schooling so the Atlantis Group want to make sure that their children are taught the history of the land they live on and the people that land belongs to.

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