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September 11, 2023

Educators Week 2023

Last week we celebrated our wonderful Educators!

We took inspiration from the theme of this year’s Educator Day 2023 “Planting the seeds for a better future” and organized lots of amazing activities and treats for our team.

The week commenced with our Director, Rory Hindle, delivering beautiful bouquets of flowers to each of our 18 services along with a handwritten card.

Each of our 300 staff members also received a stunning succulent with a message of thanks and appreciation for all their hard work from our Area Managers and Head Office team.

Each service created a gratitude tree for parents to write messages of thanks and it was wonderful to see our trees bloom throughout the week.

Staff spent their breaks writing messages of appreciation to each other to show their admiration, respect, friendship and support for eachother.

They also pondered over answers to questions for our time capsules that will be planted and opened on Educator Day 2024! We even created fingerprint tree posters for each service that every member of staff added their fingerprint to and these will be framed and displayed in our centres.

Our marketing team put together a beautiful video of some of our Early Learning and OSHC children chatting about their Educators and what impact they have had in their lives.

Our children also had fun decorating paper leaves and flowers to create wonderful displays throughout the centres with messages of thanks for their Educators.

Staff also enjoyed wonderful lunches, treat stations, smoothie bars and finished the week off with Cheese Friday whilst also wearing their favourite colour of the rainbow to continue with the nature theme of our week. This added vibrancy and joy to our day and symbolised teamwork and positivity.

We feel it is important to take time to celebrate the vital role that Early Childhood and OSHC Educators play in the lives of young children and their families. This week has been a wonderful opportunity for our community, parents, and each other to express gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and significant impact that Educators have on our children’s lives.

A huge thank you to our wonderful team of Educators, your hard work and dedication make a real difference; thank you for all you do every day.

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