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Early Learning


Welcome to Atlantis Early Learning


Beachy and breezy with a true homely feel, our Yanchep Centre is always warm, welcoming and brimming with excitement. Our Yanchep children are always grinning from ear-to-ear as they get to explore their local community and spend their days close to the shore of Yanchep Beach. Natural Learning Environments with plenty of curated items of interest beckon for further investigation. Our Yanchep Educators are as professional and caring as they come. It's true community here. Book a tour and you will soon see, when you join Yanchep you join family.

Our Learning Environments are categorised by:


8-weeks to
Confident Walker


Confident Walker
to 2-years


2-years to 3-years


3-years to 4-years


4-years to 5-years (Attending School)

Our Environments cater for different ages, with qualified, professional Childcare Educators in each room to specialise in the developmental and emotional needs of that particular age group.

Atlantis Early Learning


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9561 1180

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93 Lindsay Beach Blvd
Yanchep WA 6035

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
6.30 am - 6.00 pm

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What we can offer

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your child in care, so we spend a lot of time and attention in making this a smooth and pleasant experience for both yourself and your child alike.

Some of the things we offer include;

Orientation visits for our new families, ensuring your child is comfortable and familiar with our Educators before their first day.
Family Workshops and Seminars on important topics.

A Community Shop, designed to assist families with anything and everything you may need or have forgotten (don’t worry it happens).

Regular and consistent communication via our Facebook page, educator handovers and emails.

Access to Kindyhub – providing secure, daily updates and photos of your child’s learning, keeping you feel in-touch and up-to-date.

In addition to this, we pride ourselves on getting to know your family. We will know you and your family on a first-name basis and will build a strong and meaningful relationship that enables us to work with you, in partnership, to provide the best possible care for your little ones.

Centre Manager at Atlantis Early Learning Yanchep

Meet Carrie
Our Yanchep Centre Manager

Hello my name is Carrie and I am your Coordinator for Atlantis Child Care in Yanchep. I have worked in the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry for eighteen years, five of those were in the UK and the other thirteen years here in Australia

I adore my job, as it allows me the honour of seeing the joy on children's faces when they do things for the first time. Knowing that I have played a role in that achievement, what could be better than that? My absolute favourite part of my job would have to be making a real difference in the lives of children and watching them learn and grow daily. I also adore building relationships with families so they feel comfortable, confident and a great sense of trust when leaving their children with us.

Every morning it makes my absolute day when a child runs up to me with a great big smile on their face and throws their arms around me to give me a big cuddle. I love knowing that we are special to the children in our care because they are special to us. This is when I know the children feel safe, secure and loved. As a parent myself, I want this relationship for my son and his educators. It's very important.

I enjoy creating activities centred around creativity, problem solving and exploring nature but my favourite would have be good old messy play, exploring the senses and allowing children the opportunity to let their imaginations go wild. I also always make an effort to expand on the interests displayed by the children to foster a love of learning and curiosity.

I would love to say hello and meet your family.

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Nourishing Meals

Our menus are reviewed twice a year in conjunction with accredited nutritionists and dieticians to ensure that we give your children the very best start in life

During this time of rapid growth and development, the importance of proper
nutrition and a balanced diet cannot be understated. A well-rounded diet is
essential for children at this age to maintain a healthy body weight and allow them
the freedom to run and play with ease.

All of our menus are designed seasonally, with a focus on fresh and local produce.
We aim to instil a lifelong respect for food particularly focusing on educating this generation of children about where their food comes from.

We often receive feedback that our Atlantis children eat better at home as a
result of the food they eat here, which always brings a smile to our face.

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