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Our PreSchool program is a specialist program for children already attending Kindy or formal school. It is about School Reflection and support for the concepts and interests already being taught.

Our Pre-School Program is the newest offering at Atlantis and something we are very excited and passionate about. After 25-years in the industry, we identified there was a need for children already receiving a formal education at Kindy or Pre-School programs to be supported on the additional days we are lucky enough to have them in our care. Here, only those attending a Kindy or Pre-Primary program are able to be in this specialist setting, designed to reinforce what they've learned in school, support what they're currently learning and ignite new pathways for further learning.

Our Pre-School program is designed to be a very small group focus in order to provide the sort of individualised support we have identified many children in this program seek. Once little minds are opened and new exciting concepts are taught, it can be difficult to turn off that tap and return to a more traditional learning environment setting. We often find school children's rapid expansion of social skills and newly found respect for structure also need to be met. The Educators we have in this Program are typically Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) and are equally passionate about your child's learning journey and development.

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The best of both worlds

In our Pre-School School Reflection Program your little one receives more individualised attention, support around new learning concepts and an inspiring learning environment.

For many families, full time work is a necessity not a choice, and even if it was a choice - that's entirely yours to make. We want to support all families and family members in their right to work by providing the best of both worlds. An inspiring early learning environment with the structure and learning support of a traditional school setting.

Our Specialist Educators will create a nurturing environment designed explicitly to build confidence around key learning concepts from their school curriculum and support both child and family through this transitional time. Children are still exposed to a wondrous world of early childhood, with group experiences and experimentation based on interests and identified challenges. It's the best of both worlds and the best of what we offer.

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Life skills and learning concepts.

In the first years of schooling, writing, numeracy and literacy very quickly come to the fore and can be challenging for creative and expansive little minds to grab a hold of initially. We provide extensive support around these key learning areas - delivered in a fun and explorative way.

Rather than sit and write, trace and memorise - we teach genuine immersion in the importance of these skills, how we can use them and apply them to our lives. Life skills are intertwined with learning concepts to create an approach that appeals to all learning styles, personalities and abilities.

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How and when children learn a new concept is completely individualised. For some, it is rapid and mastered. For others it is absorbed slowly and intentionally. We provide great support around all individual learning paces and styles. All children are celebrated and seen as capable.

For some children in our Pre-School Program it is supportive learning that expands on their foundational understanding. Whilst for others it is a process of finding 'the hook' that makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. We don't put everyone in the same box and will never force a round peg into a square hole.

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We work with your school

We have excellent relationships with local schools and tailor our programming to their current curriculum.

Our Educators and Management have wonderful relationships with local schools in the areas we operate and support our local communities extensively. For this reason, we have forged strong working relationships with key Educators and Schools to enable alignment and synergy with their Early Learning Curriculum. We want to continue their school learning and support the likelihood of long term retention.

If your little one is currently learning about lions, then make your own mane and grab those binoculars because we are heading into the pride. Underwater creatures? We may need to explore a little more using the resources at our local library. Whatever your child is learning, we will support it with our own wondrous blend of imagination, creativity and exploration. Because somewhere in the middle, true learning occurs.

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