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A delicate time of great change and even greater emotion. Our Nursery Educators are handpicked to be our most loving and nurturing. For endless cuddles, softly told stories and whispers of all that's to come.

Babies need to be held and to be nurtured in their first year. So much of what they learn is taught through true connection and delicate exploration, using their rapidly developing senses. We balance the right amount of learning and sensory provocation with gentle rest and nourishment to allow your baby's horizons to widen and the world that awaits them to gently trickle in.

Our Nursery Learning Environments are designed to be light and bright during play time, quiet and restful during sleep. The Educators you find in here are reminiscent of Mrs Honey from Matilda or that dear old Nanny that you love so dearly. They're our Nurturers and our Storytellers. The gentle spirits that have only a love for small children and supporting your baby as they take their own giant leaps in early development.

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Sensory development

In their first year, everything your baby learns is through their senses. Exploration, observation and experimentation. We carefully craft sensory experiences in a safe learning environment to foster this early learning and intrigue.

From the smooth, doughy squeeze of homemade playdough to the gentle tinkling of a wind chime, everything is about the senses when you're a baby. Discovery of the world around you, reduced to the simplest of pleasures and experiences. We create joy of learning through allowing your baby to navigate their own way through our carefully crafted environments.

Mirrors to teach them their own identity, colours and song to create the first sparks of creativity. Here, the smallest of people are gently nudged to explore the world of Sensory Development as they rapidly advance towards their first skills.

Food and Nutrition form an important part of your baby's early sensory development. As your baby discovers first foods, we work with you on what you are comfortable with, to allow development at an agreed pace. We respect all Families' dietary paradigms and approaches. Our only goal is to nourish your baby and allow this important developmental skill to be honed and enjoyed.

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Every moment matters and we capture them for you.

Whether you've been here before or this is your first, leaving your baby after returning to work is not an easy process. We understand the monumental trust you are placing in us and the swell of emotion that comes with no longer being there to hold them through the day.

When your baby is in our care, they are loved. Loved by people who have been called to the Early Childhood profession, that have an absolute passion for the nurture and nourishment of children.

We communicate everything to you. We work with you on sleep, eating and development. We capture the milestones and help your little one on their journey to reach them. They are in the safest and most loving of hands.

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When babies start to move, the world becomes their oyster. Suddenly, new experiences become possible. New heights to be reached, new friends to be made.

Once your little one is confidently on the move and walking, we introduce them to the incredible world of our Babies Learning Environment. Here, they will be immersed in a whole new world of child-led and age appropriate exploration.

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Story time

We spend a great deal of time reading to our Babies. We know this is the best way to introduce them to the wonderful world of imagination and literacy.

Imagination starts very early on in children's development and we want to foster this incredible skill as soon as we possibly can. Our Nursery Educators will regularly be seen with a little one on their lap and a storybook open, ready to be discovered.

When we discover a favourite of your baby, we will share this with you so the story can continue at home. Nothing builds literacy and imagination like a story well told. Let us unlock the incredible gift of childlike wonder and imagination together.

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