Exploration & Emotions

A time full of exploration and discovery, toddlerhood is an incredible time for development. Your child is gaining an increasing self of self and is full of personality and curiosity. As language continues to develop, so does their independence and confidence.

During this time of big leaps and big emotions, we provide a secure base for our toddlers to build from.

We respect that every child develops at their own pace and encourage the development of daily tasks such as dressing themselves, feeding themselves and toileting. It is time where your little ones start to assert themselves and we want to make sure they have a safe and nurturing space to do so.

As our Toddlers start talking in sentences, we see the start of telling stories and endless questions. Let us foster that wonderful curiosity and fuel a passion for acquiring knowledge and learning new things from an early age.

Healthy Bodies: Physical movement to develop strength and coordination

Toddlers like to move! They are busy and highly active as they rush to take in all the new sights, sounds, smells, sensory items and people in their environment.

We want to encourage this movement and ensure that each child is moving for most of their day. There’s no screens and sedentary lifestyles in our Toddler Care Room. It is full of exciting physical activity and challenges.

Healthy Mind: Foster and facilitate a toddler’s innate desire to learn and develop

There is so much more to take in and do as Toddler’s are beginning to make sense of their surroundings and environment in context.

A huge time for curiosity, most Parents of Toddlers are familiar with the endless chatter and torrent of questions.

We create space for this curiosity with a variety of incursions and excursions designed to build on their blossoming love of knowledge and learning.

From time outside in the natural physical world, to yoga and mindfulness, we have a fun-filled curriculum to teach our Toddlers new and exciting things.

Healthy Heart: Emotional connection and relationship building through imaginative play

As language develops, so do social skills. Their first little friendships start to develop, and a growing sense of social awareness starts to take hold.

Imaginative play and conversation both play a huge role in the development of social interaction and so imaginative play, dress up and performing arts take centre stage to assist with the development of these skills.

A day in the life of an Atlantis Toddler

Whilst day-to-day curriculum and activities can typically vary, depending on the developmental stages of the children in care and the interests displayed by the children, the basic ingredients to a day in care are always there.

Feeling the beat

Music is an incredibly powerful tool in terms of learning, development and self-expression. Our Toddlers are immersed in music from day one of their Atlantis journey to encourage coordination, rhythm and the pure joy children experience from simply moving to a catchy tune.

Songs are also a wonderful tool for learning and memory, so we use these to assist with early numeracy and literacy games as well.

Active play

Toddlers are busy little people (as we are sure you are well aware!). Our daily curriculum includes activities focused around:

  • Developing self-confidence around their physical capabilities
  • Building self-esteem
  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Enjoyment of physical activity and being active
  • Maintaining an overall sense of well-being


We view Sustainability as exceptionally important and central to what we do at Atlantis. These lessons, although very simple in concept at this age, will enable children of today to become responsible Adults tomorrow. We have sustainability teachings in all of our curriculum to help children understand their place in the world and their impact within in it.

From recyclable arts and instruments, to tending to the vegetable garden and chickens, to playing with natural elements, our Toddler Rooms encourage that all important connection to the physical world.

Freedom to explore

Children need to be children. It is something often quoted today but seldom carried out as we push increasingly towards structured education from an early age.

Whilst we see value in introducing some early numeracy and literacy skills to assist children with a foundation for their future learning, we also believe that learning through play is the best possible way for children. The freedom to explore, be creative and role play in imaginative games is essential to allowing children to develop in their own way and in their own time.

We have free play time every day to allow children’s natural curiosities and interests to come to the fore. We then build on those during curriculum teachings and allow them to foster a love of learning that is genuine.

Nourishing meals

During this time of rapid growth and development, the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet cannot be understated. A well-rounded diet is essential for children at this age to maintain a healthy body weight and allow them the freedom to run and play with ease.

All of our menus are designed seasonally, with a focus on fresh and local produce. We ensure a balance of good fats, proteins and carbohydrates, with no refined or added sugar in sight.

We often receive feedback that our Atlantis children eat better at home as a result of the food they eat at Childcare, which always brings a smile to our face.


Our Toddlers still have naps if that is part of their home routine. Those that are no longer sleeping are welcome to sit quietly and read or enjoy some quiet, mindful time with their Educators whilst others catch on their rest.

You just need to keep us in the loop with what you are doing at home and we will assist in every way we can.

Keeping you in touch

We know how daunting it can be to leave your little one in care, which is why we have created our Atlantis App. This secure App is locked to only those with children in your Care Room, with permission and access being granted on an individual basis.

Our App provides real-time updates on what your child is up to and reports on their well-being. At the end of the day, you receive a daily update on everything they got up to.

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