School Readiness & Independence

In this final stage of the foundational years, in preparation for conventional school, children can benefit greatly from being enrolled in a preschool or kindy environment.

Here, our focus is to create a smooth transition into traditional schooling, whilst also setting the stage for what we hope will be a lifelong love of learning.

Actions and activities to gently encourage your little one to become more independent; such as serving themselves at meal times, washing hands, and taking responsibility for personal items, are in place as part of their daily routine.

There is a Daily Room Routine, based loosely around a typical day in traditional schooling, which enables children to become accustomed to what lies ahead, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Balance between Curriculum and Play-based Learning

Learning curriculum is influenced and advised by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), whilst still allowing children to progress along their individual continuum. Each child is enabled to learn at his or her own pace, without ever feeling forced to engage with a particular activity.

Our Preschool Curriculum delivers innovative and tailored programming with the knowledge that 3-5-year olds best learn through play. We ensure an all-important balance between structured and unstructured play-based education. The Atlantis Preschool curriculum is based on three principles:

Healthy Bodies: Physical movement to develop strength and coordination

Children need to move. Not only for the sake of maintaining a healthy body weight but also to develop coordination, self-esteem, gross motor and fine motor skills.

We regularly bring in incursions to our Childcare Centres to engage the children in physical activity in a safe and structured way. Children are encouraged to participate in yoga, dance, team games and a variety of different sports, all conducted by professional sports coaches.

We also ensure plenty of time for unstructured free play, where the children are left to run, play and create their own games outdoors – important not only for physical health but also for creativity, imagination and the development of social skills.

Healthy Mind: Achieve the balance between independence and active participation

We are very conscious of the fact that children are being increasingly pushed towards a highly structured learning environment from a young age. We do not want to overload children and rob them of these wonderfully exciting and imaginative years.

For this reason, our Educators are very conscious to provide environments that foster a balance between Educator-led curriculum and imaginative free play.

We never force children to participate in an activity they do not want to and pay attention to children’s individual interests as a way of encouraging natural learning.

Healthy Heart: Emotional connection and relationship building

Imaginative play and conversation both play a huge role in the development of social interaction and so imaginative play, dress up and performing arts take centre stage to assist with the development of these skills.

Children are starting to form real bonds and friendships at this age with their peers, as well as learning about other complex emotions as a result of interaction with others. We ensure all children feel a sense of belonging and provide an environment where they feel validated and free to be themselves.

A day in the Life of an Atlantis Preschooler or Kindy Child

Whilst day-to-day curriculum and activities can typically vary, depending on the developmental stages of the children in care and the interests displayed by the children, the basic ingredients to a day in care are always there.

Book of the month

Children within our kindergarten and preschool programs are encouraged to take an active interest in books and reading.

Reading and comprehension are at the centre of much of our learning and so, by encouraging them to read a book of the month with our Educators and to truly understand its content, we are fostering a love and appreciation of the written word and how powerful it can be in teaching new things and expanding our understanding.

Feeling the beat

Music is an incredibly powerful tool in terms of learning, development and self-expression. Our children are immersed in music from day one of their Atlantis journey to encourage coordination, rhythm and the pure joy children experience from simply moving to a catchy tune.

Songs are also a wonderful tool for learning and memory, so we use these to assist with early numeracy and literacy games as well.

Express yourself

3 to 5 year-old children are incredibly expressive, which we love and encourage through our Drama Program, Hey Dee Ho.

As well as teaching your little one to articulate their unique personalities in a constructive way, this also assists in boosting their self-confidence, ingenuity and co-operation skills.

Learning how to express yourself in an appropriate manner during times of frustration or when something has affected you are important social-emotional tools that need to be both built and reinforced.

Active play

Children have a lot of energy and it is important this energy is expended to avoid disruptive behaviour when they get home to you! Physical activity is so important for children to regulate mood and aid the proper physical development.

Our daily curriculum includes activities focused around:

  • Developing self-confidence in their physical capabilities
  • Building self-esteem
  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Enjoyment of physical activity and being active
  • Maintaining an overall sense of well being


We view Sustainability as exceptionally important and central to what we do at Atlantis. These lessons, although very simple in concept at this age, will enable children of today to become responsible adults tomorrow. We have sustainability teachings in each of our curriculum to help children understand their place in the world and their impact within in it.

From recyclable arts and instruments, to tending to the vegetable garden to playing with natural elements, we encourage that all important connection to the physical world.

Freedom to explore

Children need to be children. It is something often quoted today but seldom carried out as we push increasingly towards structured education from an early age.

Whilst we see value in introducing some early numeracy and literacy skills to assist children with a foundation for their future learning, we also believe that learning through play is the best possible way for children. The freedom to explore, be creative and role play in imaginative games is essential to allowing children to develop in their own way and in their own time.

We have free play time every day to allow children’s natural curiosities and interests to come to the fore. We then build on those during curriculum teachings and allow them to foster a love of learning that is genuine.

Nourishing meals

During this time of rapid growth and development, the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet cannot be understated. A well-rounded diet is essential for children at this age to maintain a healthy body weight and allow them the freedom to run and play with ease.

All of our menus are designed seasonally, with a focus on fresh and local produce. We ensure a balance of good fats, proteins and carbohydrates, with no refined or added sugar in sight.

We often receive feedback that our Atlantis children eat better at home as a result of the food they eat at Childcare, which always brings a smile to our face.

Keeping you in touch

We know how daunting it can be to leave your little one in care, which is why we use Kindyhub, an App which enables us to send snap-shots from the day to parents. Kindyhub allows us to directly communicate to parent’s mobile devices with images, observations and curriculum information.

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