A time for nurturing and development

The first two years of your child’s life are a time of rapid growth and development, where every moment matters. Relationships and a sense of bonding and belonging are crucial during this time to ensure emotional stability and well-being.

From the moment they are born, babies are eager to learn and make sense of the new world around them. By supporting your baby’s early learning and social-emotional development, you are setting them up for a happy and productive future.

Babies learn by exploring, through experiences, experimentation and observation. Kinetic learning (with their hands and feet) is essential. Sensory experiences are paramount to enable them to make connections with what they feel and what they learn.

Our Nursery Program is spread across two Care Rooms.

Infants’ Care Room (Nursery One):   6 weeks to confident walker

Babies Care Room (Nursery Two):     Confident walker to 2 years

There are slight differences between the two rooms in regard to curriculum and daily activities, given the developmental stages of the children, but The Atlantis Way program for Nursery focuses on three common and key areas explained below.

Healthy Bodies: Physical movement and mat time to develop strength and coordination

From supervised tummy time for infants to mat play for babies learning the fundamentals of crawling and then walking, our Educators will assist your little one with developing and meeting these critical milestones in their own time and at their own pace.

We respect that all children, even infants, are individuals and display preferences from a very early age. We observe and work with your baby on progressing as and when they are ready to do so.

Our Qualified Educators provide safe, challenging yet predictable environments for babies to explore, learn and develop within.

Healthy Mind: Foster and facilitate baby’s innate desire to learn and develop

Curiosity and exploration are critical to a baby’s ability to understand the world around them.

Atlantis is influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy which focuses on the environment in which children are placed in as the third teacher.

Our environments are designed to be inviting yet safe for babies to explore in their own way, fostering an early love of learning and aiding development.

Babies need to learn through play and so this is the focus of our Nursery. All activities are centred around genuine play and enjoyment, with Educators being led by your child and what he or she shows an interest in.

As our Babies grow and move on to Nursery Room two (Babies), they are encouraged to participate in program activities but never forced. Free will and a freedom to play and learn as they wish are central to their daily routine.

Healthy Heart: Emotional connection and relationship building

It is imperative at this age that babies feel safe and secure in their surroundings. We ensure their social and emotional needs are met, whether that is as simple as a cuddle or more complex in resolving separation anxiety.

Our Nursery Educators are maternal and make genuine, significant connection with the children in their care. Our Educators cry with joy when their children achieve new milestones and with sadness when it comes time to move Care Rooms.

We trust in our Babies that they are competent and capable learners, with a range of complex emotion even as infants. In term your children trust in us that we have their best interests at heart and will nurture them each and every day they are in care.

A day inside the Atlantis Nursery

Whilst day-to-day curriculum and activities can typically vary, depending on the developmental stages of the children in care and the interests displayed by the children, the basic ingredients to a day in care are always there.

Book of the month

Reading to babies is critical for language development. We focus on an age-appropriate book every month to expose babies to the exciting world of language and literature from a young age. Repetition is important for learning at this age, so by focusing on the same book for the month it fosters a better understanding of the text, illustrations and concepts within.

Igniting a passion for music

Music is an incredibly powerful tool in terms of development, learning and self-expression. Each day, Nursery spends at least 15 minutes exploring music, whether that’s through dancing, playing along with instruments or actively listening.

Active play

Developed by a Qualified Sports Science programmer, our Healthy Bodies program encourages the development of motor skills and works towards rolling, crawling and walking – depending on the age of the baby.


Even from a young age, an appreciation for and understanding of the environment is crucial for future generations. Although very simple in concept at this age, from recyclable arts and instruments, to playing with natural elements (under supervision), our Nursery Rooms encourage that all important connection to the physical world.

Nourishing meals

When they progress to solids, our babies are fed nothing but nutritious, balanced meals, prepared on-site by an in-house cook. With a focus on seasonal wholefoods ingredients, our menus change every term and are designed to meet the nutritional needs of rapidly growing bodies and developing minds.


It is during sleep that baby’s bodies regenerate energy stores and process new developments learnt whilst awake to later perfect. Sleep is heavily based around routine in the early years and so, our centres are designed to allow for routine, sound sleep. Each baby has an individual cot assigned to them in a purpose-built sleep room.

Keeping you in touch

We know how daunting it can be to leave your little one in care, which is why we us the Kindyhub App. This secure App is locked to only those with children in your Care Room, with permission and access being granted on an individual basis.

Our Educators utilise Kindyhub to provide families with daily updates on what your child is up to, photos and reports on their well-being.

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