Our Nursery Room cares for infants, up to the age of 1

Our Nursery Room caters for a maximum of 12 infant babies, with 3 educators. Due to their individual routines, the babies rotate between sleeping, feeding and play time, ensuring round-the-clock, individualised care.

We have very special Educators in our Nursery room who have lots of experience, love and patience. Parents can rest assured, your baby will be in very good hands with these wonderful carers.

The Diploma-trained Educator designs the Baby Educational and Development Program. Every child has an individual plan, assessed and updated for them on a regular basis. The Assistant Carers support program development by making regular observations of each child and making note of their interests, strengths and any area that may require further attention.

We understand the huge impact of the decision on who to leave your infant with, so our promise to you is that we will always have quality Educators and Carers to ensure the highest level of nurturing care.