The Atlantis Kindy Program is focused on independence and learning

Actions and activities are in place to gently encourage Preschoolers to become independent, encouraging activities like serving themselves at meal times, washing hands, and taking responsibility for personal items.

Children participate in the Early Years Learning Framework progressing along their individual continuum. Learning encompasses all areas of a child’s development. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for enquiry, experimentation, problem solving, cooperation, trial, error and so on.

The children learn through doing and playing. Children learn to know the Room Routine and are capable of self-directing to activities of interest. Educators make equipment and materials accessible for the children to manipulate as the child desires, through play or creation. By having a Room Routine, children are encouraged to participate, which makes for a more seamless transition into School Education.

We also ensure play time, in both outdoor and nature play and exclusive daily use of the Indoor Play Centre every afternoon. We believe it is important to foster independence, imagination and freestyle play at appropriate times to encourage creativity.

Atlantis is one of only four Long Day Care Centres selected as part of the Federal Government’s Education Care Network for 2016. This initiative ensures a closer connection between Early Childhood Educators and Long Day Care Centres. We are very proud to have been selected and believe this shows our commitment to the Early Learning Framework.

Atlantis Kids, are happy kids.