Our Baby Rooms care for children, aged 1-2 years

Once walking has been mastered, children join our Baby Rooms to learn through a world of discovery and exploration. Babies enjoy a varied program that includes art, singing, movement sessions, object manipulation, inside mat play and outside play time in the sandpit or on the wheeled toys. Our babies, like all children at our centres, work throughout the year to complete activities and participate in experiences that are recorded in their very own portfolio.

The Diploma-trained Educator designs the baby educational and development program. Every child has an individual plan, assessed and adapted for them on a regular basis. The Assistant Educators provide support for program development by making regular observations of each child and taking note of their interests, strengths and any area that may require further attention.

Meals are served to children sitting at a table and chairs as well as the occaisonal picnic, held outside on blankets when the weather and menu permits. Sleep time is after lunch, and our little ones each have low hammock-style bed with their own linen. We play lovely relaxation music while they settle in for their afternoon sleep.

We understand what a huge decision it is to leave your child in our care, so we promise you we will always go above and beyond to ensure your baby’s health, safety, happiness and social/emotional development.