Wellbeing – What is it?

Wellbeing is a popular term nowadays but what does it mean exactly, and how can we improve it? Our physical, emotional, mental and social health are all equally important and all contribute to our wellbeing. As parents, educators and childcare workers, it is important that we foster this in our children from an early age.

Ways to promote wellbeing in children include:

1. Encourage children to build connections with others.

2. Ensure they engage in physical activity, play and have fun.

3. Foster positive relationships.

4. Promote quality sleep and allow them time to re-charge their batteries.

5. Teach them to build resilience and not to give up, encourage them to find solutions.

Through being good role models for our children and developing positive thinking and behaviour patterns in them we can help improve children’s wellbeing, as well as teach them lifelong skills to maintain this into their adult lives