Marianne from Atlantis Preschool Yanchep

Hello Alison,

I would just like to let you know that Chelsea has done 3 days at School Kindy now and every day she has waltzed into the classroom, found her name and stuck it on the board and then wanderers around happily until she decides what she wants to do ( paint, blocks, play doe etc) and then says bye Mum and gives me a kiss and off I go. It takes about 5 minutes. I’m certain this is down to you and the other educators at the Preschool!

Without all of you she would not be so happy to going off to class and being able to settle in. I remember how distressed she was when Chelsea first started coming to your centre. Now she asks every morning with excitement if she is going to Preschool today.

Thank you all so much! You have all helped to raise her to be as wonderful as she is. We treasure you all.

Kindest regards,

Marianne (Chelsea’s Mum)

Ginny from Atlantis Prechool Yanchep

Dear Alison,

I just wanted to provide some feedback on your Preschool at Yanchep. My child has been in 2 daycares prior to yours and in neither was she anything like the happy child she is now.

We have comments (Billie is almost 3) like:

  • I love my purple school
  • Holly and Alison and Sonya love me, they give cuddles
  • Am I at school today? (When the answer is yes) yaaaaay and then runs off to get dressed.

She runs to the educators and is happy to see them, the activities at the centre are brilliant. Her manners have improved and her ability to do things more for herself has also come on in leaps and bounds. She loves the animals and the interactions with the other children, she is so very happy there.

In the old centre she attended, she cried every single day and begged to stay at home. I never once saw her cuddle or run to any educator, she even used to cry when we went to the shops near her old centre because she thought we might leave her there, so the difference is remarkable and as her Mum I’m obviously relieved and overjoyed she is so happy.

Your staff are simply amazing and you are very lucky to have them work for you.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Kind regards,


Mallon from Atlantis Childcare Ocean Keys

My daughter absolutely loves Atlantis daycare and although she only attends 1 day a week she is learning so much by going. The staff are really lovely and always have a smile on their faces. I would highly recommend Atlantis daycare to anyone!

Kirsty from Atlantis Childcare Ocean Keys

Thank you for providing this new service. Charlie has loved attending and has looked forward to his sessions with you. I was particularly impressed with some of the structured activities planned such as martail arts. It also warmed my heart to hear of your plan to take the children to the local aged care home (as a nurse, this is a concept I have supported for a long time and hoped to see happen – I believe the benefits for the residents and children will be enormous). I look forward to utilising your services for many years to come!

M. Rushton regarding his son’s birthday at our Play Centre

My son just had his party at your establishment and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the customer service I received from every single staff member! I received courteous, informative, helpful emails throughout the process of inquiry. A table was reserved for me on the floor and beautifully decorated (even though you were extremely busy). I was jumped straight up to the front of the line for entry, as were all the children attending the party. All staff on the floor (I dealt with 5) were all extremely helpful and friendly. Water, plates, ice packs… I felt that nothing was too much trouble. So I just wanted to congratulate your team on the outstanding customer service they demonstrated. They are a credit to your establishment. It was really refreshing as I don’t think i have ever received such excellent customer service from so many people in one place!

From BuggyBuddys about our Play Centre

WHY DON’T YOU… Check out Atlantis Play Centre, which in our opinion is one of the very best indoor play centres in Perth for kids aged 0-12!

An article by Weekend Notes about our Play Centre

This is one of the most spacious play centres I’ve visited in WA, with a huge space thoughtfully divided into lots of different play sections. Surrounding the expanse of play areas, there is ample seating for all, a common issue with many similar venues. What’s nice here, is that the seating area doesn’t intrude at all into the play zone, meaning kids and parents can freely wander around the play area without having to clamber through tables and a jungle of chairs.

This is one well thought out play centre, with ample consideration given to the needs of the child and parent alike. There are plenty of toilets for its patrons, a clean baby changing area and a well appointed disabled toilet too. The sheer size of the play centre, and number of play zones, meant that even though the centre was busy, it didn’t feel over crowded or crammed in. On our visit, I was impressed with the numbers of helpful employees that were dotted around the centre, not just serving in the cafe. The range of play equipment is vast, and you could easily spend a full morning or afternoon in the centre and not get bored.

For a well considered play centre that your kids will love, and that you won’t hate going to either, Atlantis gets my vote. – Weekend Notes, February 2015