First Day Jitters

Starting Childcare is a big deal, for everyone in the family…

Whether it’s Mum, Dad or your little one – the first day of Daycare is as big as your first day of school. Separation anxiety is very real, for both children and parents alike.

Here at Atlantis, we acknowledge and recognise that and work with you to try and minimise any distress; through some simple tips and coping mechanisms. We also make sure your child is in a safe, secure and nurturing environment at all times and keep the same staff in our various care rooms to ensure that all important continuity and familiar face.

We welcome families to tell us as much as they can about their little one, so we can tailor their care and experience to them. The more we know about little Charlotte’s love of all things fluffy when upset or Eleanor’s fear of loud noises – the better we can accommodate these quirks and little individual personalities.

If at any stage you have any feedback or requests to help your child assimilate and feel like they Belong, we welcome this and ask you to drop us an email or give us a call.

To book a tour of one of our Childcare Facilities, please contact us today.