Atlantis After School Care programs incorporate a wide variety of activities to choose from:

  • Sport coaching clinics where children can develop game skills, physical fitness, hand eye coordination and good sportsmanship.
  • Structured Martial Arts program delivered by local Martial Arts Dojo’s.
  • Free play and organized games.
  • Interesting art and craft activities, which follow themes devised by the group.
  • Our dance classes are always popular and allow the children to express themselves and build self confidence.
  • Supervised Homework Time helps working parents by taking the stress out of the ‘homework rush’, which gives parents more quality time with their child at the end of the day and ensures homework is done effectively.
  • Welbeing and mindfulness techniques including yoga, breathing exercises and learning about emotions are weaved into our daily curriculum.

We collect the younger children directly from class and either walk them or travel in one of the fleet of Atlantis Buses back to our service. Upon arrival at Atlantis, the children are provided with a healthy and tasty afternoon tea.

Our services operate from directly after school until 6:00pm.

We also offer PUPIL FREE DAYS.