Get to know Atlantis St Andrew’s Grammar School

Hello Families!

Welcome to Atlantis After School St Andrew’s Grammar. We are a smaller service and the newest of the Atlantis After School services, so are very excited to introduce you to our wonderful staff and what we can offer you and your family in terms of quality after school care.

Why choose us?

Our team are highly qualified, passionate individuals who bring their knowledge and understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach to work with them everyday, to enrich the experiences of the children in our care.

Sheryl has been involved with the School for the past 3-4 years and has become a beacon of support for the families of St Andrew’s. Our Coordinator Kathleen has a wealth of experience in the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry and together, with Sheryl, has an open door policy where Parents are welcome to come in for a chat or tour the facility.

Our purpose-built room is on-site at St Andrew’s, allowing convenient drop-off and pick-up every day. We have the freedom to create whatever environments we choose within this room, allowing great imaginative and engaging play for our children. We also have access to beautiful outdoor play areas where we are able to be physically active and create that all important connection to nature. We have access to the school gardening areas, allowing a focus on sustainable practices and teachings.

Our service is within the safe and secure gated grounds of the school.

What our Centre offers Families

As a new service, we are keen to reach out to our new families and create a warm and welcoming environment for all. We want to create a space where all children feel they belong.

We value Parent input and involvement highly and encourage all families to continue to communicate and engage with us in an effort to provide the best possible care for their children. We are always here to lend a helping hand or an understanding ear when you have concerns or questions.

Atlantis also provides regular Parent Information Seminars around key topics of interest, which will be offered to the Parents of St Andrew’s as they become available. Our focus on the provision of nutritious and balanced meals for children in our service ensures that your child/children are receiving the nutrition they need whilst in our care. Meals are made fresh every day and brought in to the service.

We also engage in regular and consistent communication with our Families through our Facebook page and our exclusive Atlantis App. This App enables Parents daily updates on the activities of their children and is how we communicate any urgent or important updates. The App is secure and only parents granted access are able to view the content.

What makes our Service special?

All of our staff love to make Children feel safe, secure, engaged but most of all – we want to make them smile! Our Children have the freedom to be themselves, to develop independence and the confidence to request what they want to eat, play and learn.

Our Centre uses a child-centred approach, where the staff actively facilitate children’s wants as well as their educational and emotional needs. The biggest focus of our Service is our philosophy of instilling an intrinsic motivation and sense of confidence in every child who attends our service. We want to see our Children grow socially and emotionally as well as physically.

We encourage conversation with open-ended questions and provide an opportunity for children to really talk and to feel they have been heard. We also encourage problem solving and creativity through spontaneous and planned dramatic play. Children are able to request activities they wish to engage with and, if deemed appropriate, our Educators will make this happen.

What does our Service focus on?

We have a wide variety of activities and focuses and are always open to new ones based on the children’s preferences. We currently focus on:

  • Sustainability
  • Performing Arts
  • Community and school involvement
  • Sensory and exploratory play
  • Outdoor team games
  • Nature play
  • Arts and Crafts (sewing, knitting, beading, recyclable arts)
  • Music exploration and creation (keyboard, singing, drums and rhythm)
  • Literacy and numeracy assistance
  • Yoga and dance
  • Science and experimentation
  • Information technology (film and media creation)
  • Animal and wildlife welfare and care

A quick chat with your Coordinator Kathleen

Hello Families, I am Kathleen and I am the Coordinator for Atlantis St Andrew’s.

I am a Bachelor Qualified Teacher with a life long passion and commitment to the education of children. The Early Childhood Education and Care profession allows me to teach, facilitate and engage children in a variety of exciting learning areas, where every day is a new challenge.

I love to lead Educators in my team and assist them in finding their passion for educating. I thrive on creating exciting learning spaces and programs, always looking for that WOW factor from families and children alike.

I love to foster positive attitudes by encouraging children to start their day with a happy and confident disposition. I love that most children in my care cannot wait to come back to school and after school care to learn and explore more.

I am particularly passionate about creating exciting science experiments and sensory play activities where, even the most shy children can break out of their shell, just long enough to surprise themselves and their parents.

Lastly, I love to create exciting and challenging team games, scavenger hunts and obstacle courses with a surprise twist at the end. The element of surprise and the unexpected keeps children’s natural curiosity, so essential to developing a passion for learning, alive!

I would relish the opportunity to chat with you face-to-face, so please feel free to come down to the service and introduce yourself and your family. We would love to meet you.


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