Get to know Atlantis Ocean Keys

Hello Families!

Welcome to Atlantis Ocean Keys. Our Atlantis After School Service Ocean Keys operates out of the Atlantis Education Centre, located in Ocean Keys Clarkson. We open for Before School Care at 6:30am and close After School at 6pm and our centre is not open to the general public.

Why choose us?

Other than the incredible access to a premier facility, we also offer our children a variety of experiences for them to engage with, in an inclusive, community-minded environment. We focus on fostering and enriching relationships and friendships for our children and allow a safe, fun environment where the children want to be.

Each and every one of our staff is working towards achieving the same goals. We strive to be the best for your family and to be advocates for the children in our care.

What our Centre offers Families

We help families, especially new enrolments, settle into their new routine and ensure exceptional care for your children – providing guidance, support and experience, for your child in important life skills, to help them learn and grow.

We understand how difficult it can be to have your child in OSHC, so we spend a lot of time and attention in making this a smooth and pleasant experience for both yourself and your child alike. Some of the things we offer are:

  • Family Workshops and Seminars on important topics
  • Regular and consistent communication via our Facebook Page, family events and emails
  • Programs which include the children’s interests

In addition to this, we pride ourselves on getting to know your family. We will know you and your family on a first-name basis and will build a strong and meaningful relationship that enables us to work with you, to provide the best possible care for your little ones.

What makes our Centre special?

There are not too many OSHC services that have the sort of infrastructure we do! Children in our service see OSHC as something fun, adventurous and a treat – rather than somewhere they have to be. Your child will have full access to the entire Education Centre, as well as the Go Karts and Sports Arena, where we undertake various sports activities with trained sports coaches.

We also provide children with plenty of opportunities to take part in planned learning experiences with a range of activities. We provide incursions including a variety of sports programs such as Martial Arts, Dance, Soccer and more. These activities are designed to suit a variety of interests and capabilities.

For children who may have difficulty in identifying and communicating their feelings, we bring in a professional who teaches the children to express themselves through Beat Boxing and Rapping. This has been met with great success.

Whether your child enjoys sitting quietly or running around at full pace, we have something to offer them and will assist them to learn and grow whilst doing it.

Other activities we offer to your child should they show an interest are:

  • Sensory activities
  • Pen Pals
  • Art Lessons
  • Reading
  • Homework Club
  • Yoga
  • Science experiments
  • Caring for our pet hermit crabs

Children are provided with a nutritious afternoon tea snack, in line with our focus on healthy bodies and healthy minds.

A quick chat with your Coordinator Stacey

Hello families, I am Stacey, the Coordinator for Atlantis Ocean Keys.

I have worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for 20-years, having always wanted to care for children. I have been a Qualified Educator for 17-years and my passion within this job lies in seeing each and every child grow and succeed in their journey through early childhood, whatever that journey may be.

I love my job. My favourite part, beyond doubt, is the children and seeing their beautiful smiling faces every day when they come to me at our service.

We love Arts and Crafts here at Ocean Keys, as well as Dancing, and allowing children the freedom of expression these activities encourage.

I look forward to hopefully meeting your family soon.


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