Welcome to Atlantis

With over 23 years of experience as a child care owner, I have seen many changes to the child care industry. In 1996 our goal was simple – to be an industry leader, providing the highest quality of child care in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. This hasn’t changed as we continue to grow and provide families, schools and other community groups a local company built around its people and community.

In 2015 we opened Atlantis, Perth’s only facility that offered child care, outside school hours care and an indoor play centre, all from one amazing purpose built location which seemed the perfect compliment to our other child care and outside school hours care services. We understand that high quality care is crucial to helping families balance life and work responsibilities. We recognise this and support families by providing a nurturing learning environment within our child care services. Our onsite outside school hours care programs and partnerships with schools deliver high quality before and after school care, where children develop an active, healthy lifestyle while having a lot of fun in our supervised environment.

About Our Centres

Atlantis centres are specifically designed to suit the needs of your children, with large, bright, engaging play rooms and outdoor play areas. All our centres come complete with modern equipment and a variety of age appropriate equipment and toys that the children adore.

Our child-centred approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence, whilst delivering the highest standards of child care.

Our Philosophy

At Atlantis we respect the value and benefit of play in childhood and believe it contributes significantly to a child’s development as it scaffolds a foundation for continuous constructive learning throughout life. We foster opportunities for children’s evolution by providing a nurturing and stimulating environment which promotes exploration, independence, creativity and confidence. We acknowledge that these early years are a precious time where children form friendships, learn vital social skills and experience innocent wonder, joy and laughter.

At Atlantis we aim to embrace each child’s uniqueness by encouraging open communication, inclusive practices, and diversity through our programs, understanding and attitude. Educators strive to be appropriate role models, promoting self esteem, rights and responsibilities, fairness and honesty and aim to build respectful relationships with families and the community.

Why Choose Atlantis?

The Directors of Atlantis have been giving young children boundless opportunities to learn through imagination, creativity and play for over 23 years, while offering parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children couldn’t be better cared for in an environment in which they can learn, enjoy themselves and flourish.


“Together we must dream of a great place to live, a place that is fair and equitable, that values the Earth and all its life and resources for future generations”. – Early Childhood Environmental Education Network Mission Statement

At Atlantis we share and embrace the ethos of the ECEEN and the importance of integrating environmentally sustainable education into all facets of young children’s lives, thus we have taken steps to realise our dreams by changing old ways and embracing new practices. We aim to encourage children to experience, enjoy and interact with the natural world, be curious about its workings, and move towards becoming sensitive citizens of the Earth.

Quality Care – Management & Staff

Quality childcare is dependent on quality staff and we firmly believe in recruiting and training the very best. We are committed to fostering happy, skilled and loyal child care teams in working environments where they can attain their full potential — ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of childcare provision.


Atlantis is registered with the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) This government body implements and oversees the National Quality Framework. This regulatory system is designed to help children’s services provide the best possible level of childhood education and care.

Food and Nutrition

Our carefully planned menus are designed to meet nutritional guidelines for children aged one to five based on the four food groups:

  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • Meat, fish, eggs, beans (and other non-dairy sources of protein).
  • Starchy foods.
  • Milk and dairy products.

However mealtimes at Atlantis are about more than simply what your child eats – we take the opportunity to use this crucial time to aid their learning and social skills.

Atlantis also increases children’s understanding of where food comes from and how we grow it. We also educate them on the benefits of healthy eating and support the adoption of good habits that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives as they move on to school and beyond.

Developing the social aspect of meal times is also important to establish good eating habits which is why children and staff sit down together to have a ‘family-style’ meal at which good table manners are promoted.

Your child will have up to three meals during their childcare day, depending upon the times they arrive and leave.