Our 3+ Program is on School grounds and focuses on seamless transition into the Primary School community 

Atlantis' extensive managerial experience and diverse facilities enables us to partner with School Communities to deliver a 3-year old program on school premises.

The Atlantis 3+ Program operates under the Child Care Regulations Act. Our programs are run by a qualified teacher and follow the National Early Years Learning Framework to support and enhance young children's learning, as well as assisting with their transition into Primary school. 

An increasing number of Primary Schools facilitate 3-year old programs for the following reasons: 

  • Provides children with a smooth transition into the School Community
  • Provides a centralised service for families with younger children
  • Has a positive effect on children's language and academic learning abilities
  • Generates a substantial passive income for the School
  • Attracts more families to the School, therefore increasing occupancy.

We have an outstanding teaching team, who are here to make every child's early learning journey a happy and successful experience. We are passionate and dedicated in ensuring that learning is packed with lots of fun-filled moments, plenty of laughter, great joy and discovery!


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